Newsletter #54 26th March 2021

Hi Everyone

PCC News of the Week:

From time to time I get email links in my in-box from various camera suppliers and I thought this one on Flowers was quite useful and as we have a few flower lovers this article might be of interest. Here’s the (safe) link.

Example screenshot from the article
Example screenshot from the article

1) Congratulations to the KF3 Winners and all those placed, we had some really good images for Helen which made for a great evening.

2) For the next Lockdown subject on the 8th April the subject is Construction/Roadworks” and the week after 15th April is “Open”

3) As mentioned, you need to be sending your work to Mandy for the Image of the Year – Colour, Black and White and Off-Camera with the final Hand-In date 8th April. Don’t forget they need to have been shown and judged to be eligible, so any of your KF images and also any of your Lockdown series images can be entered.

See you next week

Cheers Derek