Friday 1st April 2022

Gill Grant, Mary May, Penryn Mayor Julie Tucker and Chaz Wenmoth welcomed the Penryn Camera Club to “a Night at Penryn museum”. Geoffrey James, our president and founding member, acknowledged the welcome on behalf of the club.

We began with a treasure hunt beneath the town hall in the unexpectedly large museum. This is tough because the room was loaded with distractions, including history and old artefacts nestled in high and low. Who wouldn't want to picture a mummified plague rat or antique fire engine, for example? Many gems tucked here and there, as well as the timbers, now chopped at the Town hall edge, provided photogenic aged textures.

With his deep historical knowledge, Chaz brought the room and surrounds to life, including the once-23 pubs in Penryn! Chaz's discussion included tolls, acts of parliament, and tax avoidance. Our understanding of Penryn has substantially expanded.

We finished our visit with a cream tea and conversation in Penryn town hall, located above the museum. Thank you to Gill and Chaz for providing such a wonderful setting, as well as Julie and Deputy Mary for adding a touch of glamour to our evening.

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Cream tea


Penryn museum