• Paul Cooper

Friday 19th Feb

The Penryn Camera Club. Our chairman, Victor Tulin, opened the meeting by outlining a critique evening for two weeks’ time. Every member has to rank and critique six of Victor's images. This helps the members be honest when commenting on images and avoid tempering them with the desire not to offend a group member.

We then launched into members critiquing the various images submitted for the Happiness competition. As usual, all critiques were able to find something positive in the image under review (not hard, as most of the images were of good quality) but, with Victor's words still ringing in our ears, some members tentatively offered some constructive criticism.

If you would like to join us and enter our competitions, start via https://www.penryncameraclub.org.uk and look for the Contact Us form on the top menu bar. Don’t like links? Google; Penryn Camera Club.

The winning image this week (from 19 submitted) was Heavenly Happiness by Victor.

Next week’s subject is; fully open - any topic, any editing - what would you enter? If you would like to join us and enter our competitions Google; Penryn Camera Club and look for the “Contact us” page.

Heavenly Happiness by Victor
Heavenly Happiness by Victor