Friday 18th Sept

The Penryn Camera Club weekly lockdown competition this week was flowers.

As you might expect from a camera club, all the close-up entries skipped the five-foot trap. (A somewhat derogatory term in photography; take every picture from eye-level. If using a tripod, setting it to a similar height (for the photographers’ comfort) not for the image you are taking. A good plan is to take your picture from the same height as your subject.

Sometimes this can mean lying on the ground, sometimes kneeling or standing on a bench or wall. For some of us getting down on the ground is no issue, getting back up again can be another matter!

I suspect Victor chose this category for those still reluctant to venture from the house due to C-19.  

This week’s winner was Mandy. A great image of a pin-sharp Dahlia. Especially impressive as this is still out-of-camera (no editing enhancements).  

Next week’s category is Water.  What would you submit from your images? New members are always welcome, see


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