• Paul Cooper

Friday 18th Dec

This week the club split into two with half the membership enjoying a discussion on the various rules of photography, backed up by prints (some award-winning) all taken and delivered interactively by Derek Godridge who took questions as the evening progressed. The other group appreciated some in-depth Photoshop tutorials run by Victor Tullin He focused on cloning, patching and object removal this week.

Over 3/4 of the club entered (and voted on) this week’s open competition, which you can see either on our website or our Facebook account; Facebook.com/PenrynCC/. As you can image the standard remains high with many complaining how difficult it is to select a winner.

It must be particularly pleasing for the club to select you from such a standard. This week’s accolade goes to our President, Geoff James, who stole the show with a pin-sharp image entitled “Red Setter”.

Next week’s lockdown competition category is open - the subject is 2020. If you would like to join us and enter our competitions start via https://www.penryncameraclub.org.uk/contact-us - you will be in time for next years formal competition entries starting with Charles Hoskin and the KF1 “Open Images”.

Red Setter by Geoff James