• Paul Cooper

Friday 14th May 2021

Penryn Camera club welcomed two new members who have completed their free taster meetings and joined us full time. “I learned so much already and also enjoy the banter.” This is what the club tries to do, have some fun and improve skills along the way.

This week, the editing allowed, competition on flowers/plants enabled members to hone every pixel. This provided a competition so close at one time six different images tied first place. Voting trimmed this to three, and congratulations are due to Mandy Hanson, Eve Govier and Victor Tulin for a joint three-way first-place tie. All images are on our Facebook page Facebook.com/PenrynCC/.

The club cogitated over forthcoming subjects designed to nudge us from our comfort zones. We lined up different genres, camera settings and a mix of editing allowed and (the much harder) out-of-camera topics. Next week's subject is; Smoke or Movement (off-camera).

A couple of taster meetings, virtually while C-19 remains, are free. We seldom bite and have members of all photographic abilities. Look for the Contact Us form, top menu bar www.penryncameraclub.org.uk.

Pom Pom Dahlia - Mandy Hanson
Pom Pom Dahlia by Mandy Hanson
Sunny side up - Eve Govier
Sunny side up by Eve Govier
Red Rose - Victor Tulin
Red Rose by Victor Tulin