• Paul Cooper

Friday 12th March 2021

This Thursday’s Penryncameraclub.org.uk video meeting had laughter and activities in abundance. Many members attended at least one of the plethora of professional Photographic Zoom talks last weekend and had lots to discuss.

We used our honed critique skills on this week’s out-of-camera competition “Pets”. Unfortunately, 18 winners was impossible. Our secret ballot produced two joint winners “Pip Appeal” by Jan Goodridge and “I am smiling” by Victor Tulin. You can see all entries at Facebook.com/PenrynCC/ do you agree with our choice?

Next week we sharpen our skills again when we rank “Tranquility” 1st, 2nd and 3rd with reasons! Many members are uncomfortable with critiquing, however the club has worked hard to build the confidence in every member to say what they feel. We are more comfortable with the term ‘commenting’ than ‘critiquing’ BUT comments are now constructively highlighting issues, highlights and preferences.

The evening ended with a two part lecture by Derek Goodridge starting with some excellent advice on file and image organisation (I changed my workflow!). Derek concluded dipping into his vast array of stunning images, offering tips and tricks about mastering the many genres he showed.

Although the meeting overran, we were comfortable at home, with the rain beating on the windows and thoroughly enjoying the evening.

“I am smiling” by Victor Tulin

“Pip Appeal” by Jan Goodridge

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