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It is a great idea to set up a file structure, under a folder called "Competitions" to hold the digital images you submit.  

There are several ways to do this, for me; I have a second folder under competitions for <year> (2020, 2021, 2022) and I copy the empty structure of ALL competitions to next year so I don't have to type them all out again.

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Once you have the structure set up you can start to populate each folder with files. Use the correct title format, and image size and your data will be ready to copy to a memory stick.

Remember <Title> - <Membership number> - <PenrynCC> .JPG

1600 wide (max, can be smaller) for Landscape 1200 tall (max, can be smaller) for Portraits

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Note; You do not have to wait for a competition to be looming - you can add images (and move them) well in advance of the competition. When you take a "WOW" shot think which competition will that do well in and resize, edit (if allowed) or print earlier rather than the week before the competition.

Derek has a different structure BUT the concept is the same - with good file management organisation when the competition arrives all you have to do is copy the top folder (with all the sub-folders and image files) to a memory stick and life becomes easy.

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Finally, this idea is not just for competitions.  I have a folder called "Cornwall" and under that I have the place name where the images were taken.  I may well have further sub-folders (dockyard, night, Gylly etc) and finally the images I like I tend to change the file name as well.  

You should get into the habit of adding good metadata (data about data) to each image. 

Derek and Victor are good at this, I am not :-)