Ken Farnell 3 2020 Competition

 1st Colour Time To Think - Keith
 1st Mono Its Not Like The Brochure - Ke
 1st OffCam I'm Off - Victor
 2nd Colour Have A Pheasant Day -Karen
 2nd Mono Take a seat - Claire
 2nd OffCam Heat - Marcus
 3rd Colour Water droplets on Moss - Liz
 3rd Mono Working bond - Derek
 3rd OffCam Rushing through the mist - P
 HC Colour Feed Me - Mandy
 HC Colour Happiness - Maru
 HC Colour Lakeside Cottage - Carol
 HC High Jump - Wendy
 HC Mono Nostalgia - Geoffery
 HC Mono Stoned - Christine
 HC Mono Swinging 60's -Victor
 HC OffCam Blooming pink - Claire
 HC OffCam Duck - Liz
Colour 1900s Covid safe - Geoffery
Colour Complete symetry - Eve
Colour Eiffel Tower - Wendy
Colour Eyes Wide Open - Nicky
Colour Golden hour - Claire
Colour Lily the Pink - Ann
Colour London Calling - Victor
Colour Magnolia Resurgence - Janet
Colour No honey here - Paul
Colour Primavera - Derek
Colour Reflections - Chris
Colour Rigging Block - Raymond
Colour Sunset in Paris - Maly
Colour The Abyss - Marcus
Mono A murky London night - Eve
Mono A trio at Trelissick - Maru
Mono Along the Riverbank -Janet
Mono Don't Look Down - Karen
Mono Five Minutes Peace - Liz
Mono Going Down - Paul
Mono Last Snow -Marcus
Mono Musée d'Orsay - Maly
Mono Rea Adele - Wendy
Mono Silver Sea - Nicky
Mono Tail End - Carol
Mono Three spires - Ann
Mono Tree House - Mandy
Mono Winch - Raymond
OffCam Illusion - Geoffery
OffCam Lily’s pad - Eve
OffCam Living Memorial - Keith
OffCam Move over coming through - Chris.
OffCam On duty -Maru
OffCam Preparing for rescue - Ann
OffCam Rainbow Rays - Nicky
OffCam Sad Eyes -Carol
OffCam Sentinel Trees - Janet R
OffCam Sign Of The Times - Mandy
OffCam Silver Sea-157 - Janet G
OffCam Stained Glass Window - Raymond
OffCam The Promise of Spring - Keith
OffCam This Way Boys - Karen

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