Safe links for Penryn Camera Club members to use

If you are planning a shoot in Cornwall it is easy to see the clouds and forecast wind/rain/swell using this link.  

Hoping to find somewhere to park?  Try this website.  It defaults to Penryn but you can search for any location, even outside Cornwall if you must!

Looking for a walk in Cornwall (or a quiet walk without too many people)?  Try I Walk Cornwall.  You can get a lot of information from the website or download the app and each walk (with turn-by-turn directions, and points of interest) costs a couple of quid.

If you are wondering about going somewhere (e.g. Porthleven) to take storm pictures use a webcam to see conditions If you want somewhere different try Googling webcam <placename> e.g. Webcam Newquay.

Sometimes the tide will be really important to you - especially for Astrophotography where you need a fairly full tide going out as you cannot see it :-)