Penryn Camera Club Constitution

1. Name

The name of the club shall be “Penryn Camera Club” hereinafter called “the Club”.

2. Aims

To provide a forum where members can be stimulated and encouraged in the art of photography to produce images which portray the world around us, and to provide for the gaining of knowledge in order to advance members’ photographic techniques and technical approach.

3. Objectives

To hold meetings where the Club will present lectures and presentations by professional and other experienced amateur photographers, and to hold competitions and practical workshops. To arrange informal gatherings and meetings in order for members to socialise.

In addition, opportunities will be provided for members to exhibit their work within the Club, the local community and other photographic clubs either by way of informal “Critiques” or more formal inter-club competitions.

4. Membership

4.1  Any person interested in or practising photography as an amateur or professional who supports the Club Constitution and where relevant, Competition Rules, may apply to the club secretary for membership. Copies of both shall be provided to prospective members. The committee have the right to accept, refuse or withdraw membership but there shall be a right of appeal to such persons at an ordinary Club meeting.

4.2  Classes of membership shall be;

4.2.1  Full Member

4.2.2  Junior Member - where required by way of candidates - Under 18 years old

4.2.3  Prospective members may visit the club without paying a subscription up to three times and may then join the Club at the designated subscription

4.3  All membership details shall be held as private information in accordance with the Data Protection Act and will not be passed on to other parties except with the strict permission of the member concerned.

4.4  Participation in competitions, election to the committee and voting at meetings is only open to paid-up member

5. Subscriptions

5.1  The annual subscription and any other membership fees shall be recommended by the committee and agreed at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.

5.2  Subscriptions shall fall due for payment in full on the first meeting of the new season annually and at the discretion of TWO committee members (OR) at the discretion of the treasurer the fee may be made in TWO payments by the 31st December of that year.

Where the membership is due to begin after the start of the new season, a Pro-Rata membership fee may be made available to the new member. To be agreed by at least TWO members of the committee.

5.3  Membership of the club shall cease if subscriptions are not paid as per para. 5.2

6. Committee

6.1 A committee consisting of not less than four members shall be responsible for conducting the affairs of the Club and may take decisions on its behalf. Where posts are not taken up at the AGM, election of such posts may be left dormant at the behest of the current committee or organised at a subsequent SGM.

6.2 Committee Members and responsibilities to include: o Chairperson who will normally chair meetings

o Vice-chairperson who will deputise for the chairperson
o Secretary who will keep minutes of meetings & conduct club correspondence
o Programme Secretary who will manage the club programme and liaise with the secretary.
o Treasurer who will collect subscriptions and maintain a current balance sheet
o Competition Secretary who will organise the various Club competitions
o Inter-club Competition Secretary who will organise competitions between the Club and other local photographic clubs
o IT Secretary who will manage the club's media activities such as the club website and social media and also assist members when required. Committee meeting attendance is not mandatory except when the Committee discuss IT matters concerning the club.

6.3  The officers of the Club shall be elected for a period of office not exceeding one year at the Annual General Meeting. A proposer and a seconder shall support a member wishing to stand for election to the committee and the voting shall be by secret ballot. Retiring Committee Members shall be eligible for re-election at the AGM. Where there is an equally divided vote for a committee position, the Chairman's vote shall decide the issue.

6.4  Additionally, the club management committee may recommend to members the appointment of a President and a Vice-President to represent the club with no automatic right of accession to these roles, These posts shall be purely "Honorary" and advisory and as such no decision- making responsibilities or attendance to committee meetings are associated with the roles(s).

6.5  Notwithstanding the AGM and other meetings, there shall be a minimum of one committee meeting held per year in order to discuss Club matters.

6.6  Committee meetings shall be convened by the Chairperson or, exceptionally, by three members of the Committee and the quorum for the Committee shall be four.

6.7  Where a vote equally divides the meetings, the Chairperson will vote to keep the status quo.

6.8  During the year the Committee may co-opt members to the committee as required.

6.9  A Sub Committee may be formed by resolution of the Committee to run specific Club functions.

6.10  A selection committee of a maximum of five members shall be formed from the current club

officers and members who will assist in the selection of external competition entries.

7. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

7.1  The AGM shall be held at the end of the season, or not more than 15 months after the last AGM. The business shall include:

Minutes of the last AGM

Annual report of the committee

Statement of accounts and balance sheet examined by two club members

Election of club officers

Setting subscriptions rates

Appointment of 2 club members to act as examiners of the accounts

Any other business relating to the Club's affairs.

7.2  The quorum for the AGM (and SGM) shall be 1/3rd of the membership.

7.3  All motions to be proposed and seconded.

7.4  In respect of Committee member elections, any member who is unable to attend will be allowed a proxy vote. This intention must be conveyed in writing to the secretary prior to the start of the meeting.

7.5  The committee members shall submit reports for the previous year.

7.6  The Treasurer shall provide an examined statement of accounts.

8. Special General Meeting (SGM)

8.1 A SGM can be called at any time by members of the Committee or on receipt of a written request signed by at least FIVE ordinary members. 14 days notice must be given to all the members of any Annual or Special General Meeting with particulars of all business to be transacted - no other business shall be transacted other than that appearing on the notification.

9. Resolutions and Voting

9.1  Resolutions shall be carried by simple majority of those present at the meeting. Members may appoint a proxy. This proxy may vote on their behalf at a meeting where a motion of those present is carried to allow the inclusion of proxies. Written notice of the appointment of a proxy shall be presented to the Secretary before the meeting.

9.2  Only members whose subscriptions are fully paid up may vote at any meeting.

10. Amendments to the Constitution.

The Constitution may be amended at an AGM or SGM and the motion(s) presented will require a 2/3rds majority of those present to be carried and subject to 21 days notice of the amendment being given in writing to all members.

11. Financial

11.1  The Club shall operate an online bank account into which all receipts shall be paid and payments completed. All regular operationally appropriate online withdrawals from the account shall be authorised solely by the Treasurer of the Club examples include wcpf/cpa fees, accommodation rent. Authority for this shall be granted by the committee at the beginning of each new season. To maintain operational integrity in the event of the treasurer being unavailable the access codes and security procedures will be held by an additional long-standing club member. This additional member will be confirmed and recorded by the committee at the beginning of each season. All non-online withdrawals (cheques/cash) from the account shall be signed by the two signatories of the Club upon the authority of the Committee, or where expenditure is necessary before a committee meeting, by inclusion of a third officer. All capital expenditure shall be ratified by the committee. The treasurer may operate a petty cash account.

11.2  The treasurer shall keep and maintain proper records of financial transactions and retain all documentation in support of those transactions. Accounts, drawn up in accordance with good accounting practice shall be prepared and finalised up to one week before the end of the current club season. These accounts shall be examined for completeness and accuracy by two ordinary Club members appointed by the chairperson, who will report any matters which need to be brought to the attention of the Committee, and the members.

12. Insurance

12.1 The club will maintain the necessary insurance against third party liability and will also consider any additional insurance required against theft of equipment.

13. Dissolution of the Club.

13.1 The decision to wind up the Club may only be taken when the funds or membership of the Club are insufficient for it to run properly, and this decision can only be taken at the AGM or SGM.

13.2 After discharging all debts and liabilities of the Penryn Camera Club, the remaining assets shall be donated to a similar Club or Affiliation or Society covering the area of Penryn specifically or generally as agreed by a vote of the members at the AGM or SGM.