Whose that baby ?

How different can two camera club meetings be? Last Thursday was another fun evening as members brought digital images of themselves from times long ago. Members had to guess who was who and what the occasion was. More importantly we discussed the different photographic techniques used to produce the images all those years ago. Tuesday of this week the club went to Truro College for the annual Cornwall Photographic Association competition. The competition features prints submitted by each of the clubs across Cornwall and is a great way of seeing what other clubs are doing. This Thursday is our last formal meeting but is one of our most important as it is our Presentation evening where winners of our competitions throughout the year receive their cups, certificates and awards. In our club taking part is always the most important thing but we all grow and learn through competitions and it is a great achievement if one of your images receives an award! Next week we start our varied summer programme of going out with our cameras. If you would like to come to any of the events see our web pages at www.penryncameraclub.org.uk. We would love to see you!