The results are in!

Our first two competitions of the club year have taken place and

were judged by Richard Thomas from Helston Camera Club. As usual with a

competition results evening it was fascinating to see the images that our club

members had submitted and to hear Richard’s comments. There is a real learning

opportunity for us all as he explained his decisions.

Ken Maynard


1 st Derek Godridge

2 nd Ron Pitcher

3 rd Stuart Ford

Highly Commended Julia Bate, Lilly Ford

Digital Images

1 st Amanda Hanson

2 nd Julia Bate

3 rd Ron Pitcher

Highly Commended Wendy Bate, Kevin Kerslake, Derek Godridge

Off Camera

1 st Kevin Kerslake

2 nd Martin Handford

3 rd Wendy Bate

Highly Commended Ann Glinn, Keith Russ, Derek Godridge

Overall Winner, Ken Maynard Competition – Amanda Hanson

Presidents Cup


1 st Stuart Ford

2 nd Derek Godridge

3 rd Julia Bate

Highly Commended Raymond Bate, Ron Pitcher


1 st Kevin Kerslake

2 nd Ron Pitcher

3 rd Keith Russ

Highly Commended Lilly Ford, Raymond Bate, Wendy Bate

Off Camera

1 st Wendy Bate

2 nd Amanda Hanson

3 rd Lilly Ford

Highly Commended Jean Holbrook, Stuart Ford, Ron Pitcher

Overall Winner, Presidents Cup – Stuart Ford