Out for lunch - 28th July

Camera clubs are all about taking photos. Right? Well wrong actually! And not all camera clubs are the same. Right! At Penryn Camera Club, like most other camera clubs right now we are in the middle of our summer break so we are not meeting on our regular Thursday evenings but that doesn’t mean we don’t meet. We still get together to go out on afternoons, evenings and even some very early mornings members have met to get photos. But at our club fellowship, friendship, meeting together socially has always been a big part of the club’s DNA just as is making new people feel welcome. Usually at the end of each of our “terms” we have at least one social event and this week we had the first one of the summer with a fantastic carvery lunch at the wonderful CJs bar and grill in Budock. Fantastic food, great chatter and a time to hear about some of the images we all had recently taken. Catching up is important just as friendship is. And with a cream tea planned for later in the summer there is more fun to come! So come and join us! www.penryncameraclub.org.uk