On our travels with Derek and Jan

History and geography joined the agenda at Penryn Camera Club’s weekly meeting

last week. The very first action of the meeting was for members to hand in their

images for the KF3 competition for judging. Once that had been done Derek

Godridge gave another of his excellent talks. This time it was a travelogue focusing

on two very different locations – Oregon in America and then towns across Mexico.

As always with Derek we not only had a large number of truly excellent images but

we also got a really good chat about each of the images. Members were fascinated

by the depth of information that Derek had acquired about the wonderful locations of

his images, especially in the second half of the evening when he focused on his time

when he journeyed around Mexico. This week another of th club’s stalwart members,

Victor Tullin, is leading another teach in on Photoshop software. Victor’s knowledge

of this software and how best to use it to improve photo images is legendary in the

club and with so much that one can learn this is going to be another evening which

will be of huge benefit to all. Come and see. www.penryncameraclub.org.uk