Norway Travelogue - 24th November

When club members at Penryn Camera Club deliver a “travelogue” talk for members

we always get an evening of very varied subject matter as the images will all be

about what the photographer saw and liked. With images taken often from all parts of

the world we get examples of taking photographs in different types of lighting and

requiring different techniques. Last week Ann Glynn gave the club just such a talk

from a recent cruise trip to Norway. With images taken from stops along the way

there were photos of architecture, people in traditional local dress and beautiful

landscapes. Many thanks must go to Ann for a really interesting talk in the first half of

the evening. After our usual break for drinks and fellowship the second half of the

evening was given over to Victor Tullin who gave a further workshop on the use of

image improvement software using a few of Ann’s images as examples. Little by little

we are all learning from these teach ins!. his week we are on a completely different

subject as Chris Hamshaw leads the club in a fun “guess what, guess where”

competition using photos submitted by members.