It was the week before Christmas - 22nd December

The first term of Penryn Camera Club’s new season has ended! And as is the norm

at our club we ended with a review of the term and a social event. Really enjoyable

competitions have taken place both within the club and with other local clubs. As

always the standard of images that have been seen has been amazing and the

variety of subjects vast. And we have had some excellent teaching sessions. We

were also extremely delighted to have a number of new members join the club. And

already they have made a good impact on the club. Seeing people join the club and

get fully involved in sharing their love for photography is a special pleasure for the

club and we are always ready and excited to welcome new people. The social was a

good opportunity to chat and enjoy food together and we continue this in early

January with our members Christmas dinner in a local hotel. Then we start back on

January the 2 nd . If you like taking photos and would like to learn more amongst a

group of friendly people have a look at our web pages and then come and join us.