Christmas Holiday 29th December

Well the year has come to an end and we are into the New Year. At Penryn Camera

Club we have taken a break for Christmas and the New Year and have our first

formal meeting on Thursday, January 2 nd at our normal meeting place at the The

Space, Kernick Road. We will be viewing photos provided by the Western Counties

Photographic Federation. These images will have been provided by photographic

clubs across the south west of England which means club members will be in for a

real treat. The photos will be of a very high standard and a wide range of subjects.

As always it is great to be able to see what other people are doing and on this

evening we will be giving our own views of what we think! Listening to what other

people have to say gives you a real insight in how other people think when they are

taking a photo, and of course, so often, they think in a different way from how you

might view the scene. That’s the benefit of joining a club, sharing your love for

photography and learning with and from others. Come and join us!