A sea of poppies - report 23rd June 2019

On Thursday, some of our members took advantage of the more settled weather, to make their way to the Newquay area, firstly, with a visit to see the Pentire Poppies. It was a beautiful morning with azure blue skies and fluffy cotton wool looking clouds, great conditions to get some evocative images! The fields of poppies were a sea of red and some fields were dotted with yellow rape seed flowers, which contrasted beautifully with the red of the poppies. These great colours were ideal for our photography enthusiasts. In the afternoon they went out onto to the headland , to capture some beautiful seascapes, before ending the visit with the obligatory Cornish cream tea.

A recent rainy trip to Exmoor lead to other members to revisit the area this week with greater success. Bridges were the main focal point and this time the itinerary was completed. Members really enjoyed their day, and although some had visited the area many times before they had never been to any of the places visited on this trip. This was possible because one club member had lived in North Devon. You cant beat local knowledge to help you get the perfect picture!