2nd May In Club Entertainment

Photography means many things for many people; our interests and what type of

photos we take are often very varied and different from those of others. So last

Thursday was a great opportunity to see just what some of our members have taken

photos of. Ann Glinn opened the evening with photos from a trip that she made to

Japan accompanied it with her really interesting dialogue. Next up Raymond and

Julia Bate are National Trust members and their pictures were excellent photos of

some beautiful properties from across the South West of England. President Geoff

James then showed some pictures from the local area taken with his new camera.

Chairman Ron Pitcher produced a selection of photos taken from 1995 up to present

day as examples of how technology has improved cameras and helps them produce

better images. Victor Tulin then showed images as examples of how Photoshop can

be used to change and improve photos. Derek Godridge showed images taken at

the Tate Modern with excellent studies of people reacting to art in the gallery. Finally

Wendy Bate treated us to an entertaining tour through Paris. What a brilliant, varied,

entertaining and instructive evening. www.penryncameraclub.org.uk